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Spruce Up Your Space: Summer Edition

Spruce Up Your Space: Summer Edition

Summery décor brings to mind bold, natural colors, spending more time outdoors with friends and family, and of course relaxation in the nice warm air that you have been longing for. You can let the sunshine in by opening the windows while sipping lemonade, and bring summer-inspired décor into your home with these fun ideas. Now is the perfect moment to start adding touches of summery colors and decorations to energize your space.

Determining the appropriate time to begin decorating for the summer season

Decorating for summer can begin anytime! Once you are ready to  leave behind the gray winter and muddy spring days, its time to bring out the vibrant and fun summer décor. No more slush tracked in by kids spending their snow days sledding! Keep your favorite spring decorations and easily use them for summer to help keep cost down and spirits high.

Update your home décor with new pieces that evoke the happiness of summer


To add a summer feel to your home, it's not necessary to completely renovate each room. You can retain some of the features from your spring décor and incorporate them into your summer theme. You may decorate both indoors and outdoors, or choose a specific area to add some lively summer decorations. For example, keep bedrooms the same year round but change up your living spaces to add a sense of excitement for each season!

Ideas for decorating your front porch during the summer season

Begin your summer decorating preparations by enhancing your home's entrance with front door decorations and summer porch décor. Consider displaying a vibrant wreath or illuminated door hanger to create a fun and inviting environment for not only your summer guest but for you to enjoy everyday. Some more fun ways to incorporate various front porch decorating ideas for summer are,  placing a colorful umbrella next to outdoor seating for shade, a delightful water feature, or a floral welcoming signs to greet visitors.

Tips for preparing your living room for the summer season


Adding mirrors, tapestries, and throw pillows to your décor can give it a summer feel. These items can be incorporated into your overall motif easily and quickly. Placing mirrors across from a window or near a light fixture can enhance the natural light in your family room. Fresh and bright tapestries can add color and texture to your décor. Even just tossing colorful throw pillows onto your sofa and loveseat adds a burst of summery color and extra comfort to your seating area with minimal effort!

Kitchen summer décor

You can even decorate your kitchen for summer with wall decorations like a welcome sign or a new bright floor mat or rug. Consider displaying  countertop appliances like juicers or ice cream makers to help bring in some of the best parts of the season indoors. A fun fruit bowl filled with seasonal fruit such as peaches or oranges can also brighten up your space. You can also add accessories such as floral dish towels or a bright colored apron hanging on the wall.

Ideas for decorating your backyard and patio.


To decorate a larger area like a backyard or patio, get creative! Pick durable and beautiful outdoor table decorations and pair them with comfortable patio furniture. A great option is to add fun and bright pottery such as Talavera planters or even a fun wall decoration to hang near your seating area. If you plan on hosting summer gatherings, consider setting up outdoor umbrellas in a rainbow of colors such as lime green or a bright aqua, speakers, and hanging lights to create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy all summer long.

If you're wondering if you should include plants, the answer is always YES!

If you have a brown thumb, you can still celebrate the season with landscaping and plants. Gardening takes time and can be intimidating for a beginner but there are plenty of ways to work through that. The easiest option is to display faux plants. Faux plants deliver the beauty of natural plants without needing to be watered, making them a low-maintenance option. Plus they are available is many different varieties ranging from small faux flowers all the way to palm trees. Another great way to incorporate plants is to pick some that need very little to survive. If you live in an area that is very dry in the summer months, maybe opt for a cactus or agave.

Add in new art for summer

Summer-inspired art and accessories can refresh any decorating style, but marine life centered art is the most prominent style of artwork for the summer months, or all year if you live in Florida. Freshen up your space with new artwork that is sure to be a conversation starter for all of your guest this vacation season.

The minimalist touch

To add a touch of summer to a minimalist style, choose home décor with bright colors or vibrant nature-inspired theme such as palm frond. An area rug with a pop of color or exciting design, brings attention into the room. Sheer window treatments in fun colors allow natural light to filter in while still updating your space. Vivid indoor planters bring the beauty of nature indoors with natural flowers or even faux trees. Floral or brightly colored throw pillows add a beautiful touch to furniture in a minimalist living room.

Now what?

Find inspiration for summer décor with a variety of items available here at Patio Culture and Atlantic Fine Furniture. Update your outdoor space for entertaining or add a touch of summer to your home's aesthetic. Explore our showrooms located in Brevard County, Florida or our extensive online stores and you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for to brighten up your space just in time for the summer fun to begin.

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