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Surf Style

  1. Marine Grade Polymer Construction: Crafted with precision using marine-grade polymer, our surfboard bar set is designed to withstand the harshest coastal conditions. This material is renowned for its exceptional durability, resistance to saltwater, and overall weather resistance, ensuring your bar set remains in pristine condition for years to come.

  2. Customizable Color Combinations: Make a statement with your outdoor decor by choosing from a myriad of color combinations. Whether you prefer a classic nautical look, a tropical vibe, or a contemporary aesthetic, our surfboard bar sets are available in an array of color options to suit your personal style and outdoor ambiance.

  3. Made-to-Order Excellence: Each surfboard bar set is meticulously made to order, allowing you to tailor it to your exact specifications. From size to color, every detail is customizable to create a unique and personalized outdoor oasis. This ensures that your bar set not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to tedious upkeep! Marine-grade polymer requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal material for outdoor furniture. Simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth, and your bar set will retain its beauty and functionality, even in the face of sun, sea, and surf.

  5. Versatile Outdoor Entertainment: Whether hosting a beachside barbecue, pool party, or a casual gathering on your patio, this surfboard bar set effortlessly transforms any outdoor space into a stylish and functional entertaining area. The sturdy construction provides a reliable surface for serving drinks and snacks, creating a focal point for socializing and relaxation.


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8ft Surfboard Bar Set - 5pc
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